NHS Northamptonshire Apprenticeship Scheme

Our NHS Northamptonshire Apprenticeship programmes include the following partner organisations and services:

  • Adult social care
  • General practice
  • Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust
  • Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • St Andrew’s Healthcare

An NHS Northamptonshire Apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to learn practical skills and to become part of our talented, passionate team of people committed to providing the best care and treatment to our patients. Our successful apprenticeship programmes lead to nationally recognised qualifications and are a stepping stone into your chosen career. We offer apprenticeships across all of the above organisations and services covering many different roles from administrative roles; supporting clinical staff; healthcare pharmacy and many more.

The Benefits of an NHS Apprenticeship in Northampton

Nursing Associate – a new role

A Nursing Associate is a new generic nursing role that bridges gaps between healthcare support workers and registered nurses

Nursing Associates are members of the Nursing team who have gained a Nursing Associate Foundation degree involving two years of higher level study

The role will help build the capacity of the nursing workforce

Want to become a Nursing Associate ?

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Wondering what to do after receiving A level or GCSE results? Look at our NHS Apprenticeships

Want an opportunity to earn while you learn?

Why Not Consider an NHS Apprenticeship?

Leaving school this Summer? University is not your only option.

An NHS apprenticeship offers a great opportunity to earn while you learn.

Northamptonshire offers an exciting range of apprenticeship opportunities across all sectors to give you the experience and help to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence, attitudes and behaviours you need to succeed in your chosen career.

We can take you on a great journey as you move from starting out as a novice to becoming a valuable, experienced member of staff.  We’ll take your enthusiasm and commitment and help you become part of tomorrow’s workforce.

To learn more about our groundbreaking apprenticeships, get in touch.

NHS Northampton Apprenticeships – Success Stories

Michelle Simpson: "I always wanted to train to be a nurse - now I can."

Michelle Simpson from Kettering had always dreamed of being a nurse. She started an adult nursing degree at University but had to give it up for financial reasons.

Now, through an innovative apprenticeship scheme, Michelle is finally fulfilling her career ambitions.  Michelle is a Trainee Nursing Associate at Kettering General Hospital through a new apprentice scheme run by Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership (NHCP); a group of leading health and care providers in the county, committed to offering apprenticeships and growing their talent pipeline.

Courtney's Story: "There is no Typical Day - Every Day is Different"

NHS apprenticeship graduate - Courtney

An Northamptonshire apprenticeship helped Courtney Major switch careers without losing her income.

Courtney’s career started in the hair and beauty industry – but she found herself enjoying the small admin tasks that came as part of the role.  A PMO Admin Apprenticeship helped her learn the skills she needed to re-start her career whilst earning an income.

Megan's Story: Apprenticeship led to Awards Success!

nhs apprenticeship graduate Megan

Megan O’Connell is an Estates Administrator at St Andrew’s Healthcare and recently won the ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award and ‘Values Award’, at the recent Apprenticeships Awards hosted by Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership.  She shares her story.

Ellie Boon: "Apprentices bring so much to the team."

Ellie Boon discusses Northamptonshire NHS apprenticeships

Ellie Boon is a Transformation Manager, and manages apprentices as part of her role.  Ellie discusses the benefits of developing apprentices, sharing her helpful insights into the groundbreaking NHS apprenticeship programme in Northamptonshire.

apprenticeships northamptonshire benefits

“Apprenticeships are in fact open to people of all ages and can provide an excellent learning and development opportunity for current staff, so they can progress into senior roles or even change career direction.”

“Apprenticeships have an important role to play in helping us attract new talent into our workforce and in enabling individuals to learn new knowledge combined with practical skills, whilst at the same time getting paid”