Aisling Jeiter, Senior Staff Nurse at St Andrew’s Healthcare

September 01, 2017

Amazing patient care, fast track career and variety of clinical pathways at St Andrew’s Healthcare

Aisling Jeiter has been working at St Andrew’s Healthcare in Northampton since January 2016, when she relocated from Sligo in Ireland. She was recruited as a student nurse, after coming over for a visit and decided to relocate there when she first qualified.

Discussing the career opportunities at St Andrew’s Hospital Aisling says, “I like working here as I can grow professionally. I’ve progressed to senior staff nurse in one year and there are lots of opportunities to develop further with many training courses on offer.

“Managers give you the encouragement and time to train, which is great. There are a variety of clinical pathways across the St Andrew’s site, so there are plenty of opportunities to work in your preferred specialist area.”

Aisling was offered the chance to fast track to the role of clinical nurse leader through the Transform Development Programme, however, she decided to work three more years on the ground before she progresses to clinical nurse leader. She says, “I wanted to have more knowledge by continuing to work where I am before taking the next step.”

She says that patient care at St Andrew’s is amazing as they have one clinical nurse per shift, which means there are two per ward. In Ireland, there is just one clinical nurse, managing five wards. Having an extra nurse improves patient care and allows more time to dedicate to individuals.

Aisling recommends Northampton as a fantastic place to work and live for many reasons. As well as her job at the hospital, she enjoys living in Northampton because of the variety of social activities and a great nightlife that are close at hand and easily accessible, and last, but not least, the beautiful countryside surroundings.

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