Ajay Verma – Consultant Gastroenterologist & Physician – Kettering General Hospital

August 02, 2017

The sky’s the limit

Ajay Verma has been working at Kettering General Hospital since 2011. Initially he was a training registrar and then he did a fellowship post until 2014.

He has been a full-time consultant since 2015. Currently living in Leicester, Ajay plans to move his wife and family to Northamptonshire within the next year.

Ajay really enjoys his job and believes there are several key benefits of working at Kettering.

He says every staff member is valued and there are plenty of opportunities for career development and secondly, as a smaller hospital, there are strong links across departments that you would not get in a much larger hospital. It is a very friendly and supporting environment.

Ajay says, “The sky is the limit here and if you have ambition and drive you can achieve whatever you want. The hospital offers great career progression for junior doctors in particular, as you are surrounded by people with lots of experience and knowledge for you to learn from. The hospital takes a real pride in everyone’s achievements.”

Ajay highlights one of the key reasons medical professionals are attracted to the hospital is the large and renowned endoscopy unit, which is disproportionate to the size of the hospital. Over 11,000 procedures a year are performed here. There is also a bowel cancer screening programme that not all hospitals offer.

In terms of career development, Ajay has an interest in research and has enrolled the hospital into research trials.

He says, “There are high levels of satisfaction here and staff are encouraged to develop in their roles. Enrolling the hospital in research trials was important for those with an interest in research. A consultant’s career is a long one so it’s good to know you can take on a new role and develop it to make life interesting and varied.”

Ajay says the whole culture and ethos at Kettering is really supportive. He says that people are encouraged to come and work here, enjoy what they do, develop new skills and do something they are passionate about.

He says, “What is truly amazing about the hospital is there is no ‘concrete floor’ – the barrier between executive board and staff – and clinical staff know the executives and managers well. We have contact with the Board and they really value their staff.”

Ajay did a radio interview on Corby Radio to discuss Kettering Services – he wants Kettering to be a central part within the community.

When asked what makes Northampton special he says, “Housing is really affordable here, in comparison to other big cities and towns, also there are lots of beautiful villages giving people easy access to the classic English countryside.

“Market Harborough for example is a lovely market town, with great shops, a pretty centre and good transport links. There is a direct train to London every day, which is useful for me as I travel to London eight times a year for meetings, as I also have a role at the Royal College of Physicians.

“The area has so much to offer, and hospitals like Kettering have amazing opportunities and quicker career progression than people might get in bigger cities and hospitals,” he concludes.