Elanor Jones

February 12, 2020

Elanor Jones – Behind the Scenes Award Winner

ESR Administrator (Workforce Systems Administrator). Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KGH)

Elanor is 21 years old and has been working at Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (KGH) as a Workforce Systems Administrator since June 2019.

Elanor did not have any qualifications coming out of school so getting a qualification from an Apprenticeship programme is something that is a huge bonus for Elanor. Elanor began to look at Apprenticeship programmes in order to get a qualification to kickstart her career.

It took over one and a half years for Elanor to achieve her qualification and she is in a permanent job role as ESR Administrator. As part of the qualification process, Elanor had to sit an End Point Assessment in addition to undertaking a presentation based on a project she had done, as well as an interview-based knowledge exam.

Elanor believes that the benefit of an Apprentice Programme is that you get paid while you are working towards a qualification which means you are learning on the job as well as studying to get a qualification. The career opportunities are there for Elanor, currently she is thinking of working towards Finance, if not work her way up in this current role.

Elanor’s role is to make all the changes to the Trust as they happen on the ESR System. Some of her roles include managing the processing of employees leaving and administering the staff lottery- there are cash prizes on offer every month and 35% of Trust staff are in the staff lottery. She interacts with the systems to ensure the data is accurate and consistent as clear data is a priority and processes training for the Trust as well.

Elanor loves the way KGH motivates, trains and helps you develop, grow and build your career! The support that Elanor has received from her team and manager has been amazing and training is ongoing all the time to help develop Elanor in her role.

Elanor believes that there are great career opportunities for apprenticeships in healthcare, along with the variety and diversity of roles within the NHS, makes it such a great place to work!

Elanor would recommend an Apprenticeship programme stating that –‘ It is a great way to forward your career while earning money’ . The Best thing about being an apprentice is getting the experience as well as getting paid.

Winning the Behind the Scenes award means a lot to Elanor as she feels it shows she is appreciated and is recognised for what she has achieved. Elanor is very proud to have been nominated by the Transformation Team and to have received this recognition. It makes her feel a valued member of the team and inspires her to continue training and developing her career.

The way forward for Elanor is to continue learning in her current role whilst undertaking more training!