Former nurses asked to walk the wards again with the University of Northampton

July 25, 2017

Experienced nurses are being encouraged to walk the wards again and sign up for a retraining course with the University of Northampton.

Return to Professional Practice (RtP) lets qualified nurses who have had a break from practice enhance and hone their existing knowledge and skills so that they can confidently return.

Although there has been a national decrease in nurses registered to work in the UK, the University of Northampton and local NHS healthcare providers are collaborating on a first of its kind recruitment drive to address this and attract nurses and doctors to relocate to live and work in Northamptonshire.

Called the ‘Best of Both Worlds’, Northampton General Hospital, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Kettering General Hospital and St Andrew’s Healthcare are working with us to position the county as a top destination for nurses who want to pursue and develop successful careers.

Steve O’Brien, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Society at the University of Northampton said: “Nursing offers a fantastic career opportunity and across Northamptonshire there are many opportunities for nurses to work in diverse areas, either within hospitals or the wider community.

“Our Return to Practice course is funded by Health Education England so study costs should not deter Northamptonshire nurses from contacting us to help them return to what I feel is the most rewarding job of all.”

Sharon Gray took time out from her nursing career after an operation, but hasn’t looked back since starting her RtP course at University of Northampton. She said: “I would definitely recommend the Return to Professional Practice course as all the skills you learn during your training come flooding back and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“My advice to former nurses who want to get back into the profession is that the opportunity is there so go for it! You have absolutely nothing to lose and everyone is so supportive.”

Ruth Wheatley originally qualified in 1982 but overcame her doubts about going back into practice: Ruth said: “At the back of my mind, I always knew I was a nurse and wanted to return to practice. With support from the University of Northampton, I completed my application.

“I immediately bonded with the other RtP nurses as we were all in the same boat. It felt right when I stepped back onto the ward; I wondered why I hadn’t it before.”

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