Ellie Boon

May 20, 2019

Ellie Boon, Transformation Manager: “Apprentices bring so much to the team”

Ellie Boon is a Transformation Manager, and manages apprentices as part of her role.  Ellie discusses the benefits of developing apprentices, sharing her helpful insights into the groundbreaking NHS apprenticeship programme in Northamptonshire in an exclusive interview with Best of Both Worlds.


Why did you choose to employ an apprentice?

We have had a successful run of apprentices within the Programme Management Office (PMO) since 2015. Initially we were keen to go down the apprentice route as we had heard so many success stories; we felt that an apprentice could bring so much to the team, such as: a fresh enthusiasm, a keenness to learn and a fresh perspective.


What are the benefits of having an apprentice in your team?

The main benefit to having an apprentice within our team is their opportunity to grow and develop and what this then brings to the team. We have found that all our apprentices have progressed through their studies quickly and this has benefitted the team as they have been putting into practice all they are learning.


What has your experience been as the apprentice manager?

I have thoroughly enjoyed being an apprentice manager. It’s been wonderful to work closely with 5 young adults who have a passion for what they do and who have grown and developed so well. I have found that apprentices have brought a fresh perspective to the team and their eagerness to learn and develop is very refreshing.


Would you employ an apprentice again and would you recommend it to others?

I would. The PMO has been recruiting and supporting apprentices for nearly 4 years now. I have recommended going down the apprentice route to many colleagues.


How can having an apprentice benefit you, the service, the service user and the organisation?

Having an apprentice has benefited me as I have had great support from them! They have learned quickly and taken on tasks to support me. This in turn benefits the service as we all work more effectively, which then benefits the organisation as we are able to meet our team objectives and goals, which feeds into the overall organisational plan and strategy.