Krishna Yathiraj, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Berrywood Hospital Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

August 09, 2017

Innovative Trust pioneering new treatments and offering research and teaching opportunities

Krishna Yathiraj has been working at Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for two years, since relocating from Suffolk. He relocated because there were some issues at his previous Trust and it had received negative ratings. Krishna moved to Northampton in 2015 and has now bought a house and is very happily settled there.

Krishna works as a consultant psychiatrist at Berrywood Hospital, a new hospital that was only built a few years ago and offers excellent, spacious facilities that are fresh, bright and he enjoys a great working atmosphere.

He says the Trust has a very different culture and he feels totally supported.

Krishna says, “Everyone knows each other and people are united, very friendly and all get on well. There are great relationships between colleagues, managers and the Chief Executive.”

The Trust is very forward-looking and innovative and offers treatments such as RTMS, a treatment for depression, which only two Trusts in the country provide. They also have ‘Dragon dictation software’, so consultants can dictate their notes and it goes onto the system immediately, which Krishna says is unusual in Mental Health services.

Krishna says there are many career opportunities there for doctors and nurses and in particular, they can gain experience of new forms of treatments and share their expert clinical knowledge with other Trusts.

Krishna says, “We have a research department which offers opportunities, as well as openings in teaching. The Trust is always looking for people that want to get involved with teaching and it has good relationships with Leicester Medical School and Leicester Teaching Hospital. Some people enjoy teaching, others prefer research or management, and there is plenty of scope to expand skills in any area that they are interested in.”

Another key area that makes the Trust stand out, is in physical health. There are physical health nurses working on the wards and all the patients have their physical health monitored. He says, “Patients receive really good care and the Trust ensures the physical side of their health is not overlooked. They look at all aspects of a patient’s life, which most other Trusts don’t.”

Krishna adds, “There are great lifestyle benefits for relocating here, the location is very convenient as it’s only one hour from London and Birmingham. The countryside is lovely and the county offers a good quality of life. The cost of living is an important factor and people can buy a larger property for a much more reasonable price than in other parts of the UK.”