Michael Pieriedes, Doctor of Acute Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology at Kettering General Hospital

August 28, 2017

Great team spirit and promotional opportunities

Michael Pieriedes, Doctor of Acute Medicine, Diabetes and Endocrinology at Kettering General Hospital (KGH) is full of praise for how well employees are treated at Kettering General Hospital. Staff seek advice and help from each other and ensure they work together as a team.

He first worked at Kettering as a Registrar before going on to complete his training in Leicester where he was offered a job. He had options to apply to Warwick and Coventry but chose to return to Kettering, which is an hour commute each way for him as, “the team of Podiatrists are the perfect colleagues, they’re fun and approachable.”

Michael states, “The interaction between colleagues and consultants is really good, you can call any consultant and ask for help at all times and anyone will be willing to help you. We all seek advice, help and speak to each other as working as a team is really important. Everyone is approachable, even under duress.”

Discussing what key things should attract other medical professionals to the area, Michael comments, “Working at a small teaching hospital you have direct interaction with patients and are able to achieve a lot more than you would working in a bigger hospital. If you have the determination and drive you will find there are a lot of opportunities to develop your skills. Some people feel demoralised with the spending cuts, but here at Kettering we are a closely-knit team working together for one common goal, helping our patients.”

Michael reinforces how many career opportunities there are at KGH, one of the biggest projects he has is running the regional diabetes foot team, commenting, “Kettering used to have the worst rate for amputation in the country but now is in the upper third, it also has a brilliant cardiology 24/7 service. The respiratory department has won national awards and is an amazing team to be part of, there are plenty of research opportunities across the hospital.

“Promotions are not an issue at KGH, once you are a consultant then that is the pinnacle. With regards to training, there is no disadvantage and the rotation around Northampton is not an issue.”

Michael lives in Leamington close to family but believes his commute to KGH is worth the travel. He says that the surrounding areas of Kettering are great with little pockets of towns and the key benefits of working in Northampton are its proximity to London and its good transport connections and four main airports nearby.

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