Niall Spencer

February 12, 2020

Niall Spencer – County Nurse Award Winner

Nursing Associate Apprentice

Niall finds that one of the positives of undertaking an apprenticeship course is that there is no student debt. As Niall is in his forties with a mortgage and family, it is a massive advantage to learn and develop whilst not adding any student debt.

The convenience of an apprenticeship course is what appeals to Niall, as he finds it a convenient way to earn and learn. The flexibility is fantastic combining work, family, university life whilst all completing the apprenticeship at once.

Niall is training to become a Nursing Associate, which bridges the gap between a healthcare assistant and a qualified nurse. Niall will become a general nurse in many ways and finds that it has broadened his horizons learning things that he thought would not be have been interested in.

Having wanted to enter the world of healthcare for several years but being held back by the thought of starting a new career in his mid-forties, Niall in his words has ‘taken a step back, to go forward’ and at St Andrew’s Healthcare there are many of opportunities to go progress. Niall enjoys St Andrew’s as it is a big organisation with a diverse range of patients and wards, as well as a variety of roles which adds to the interest of working in such an organisation.

Niall finds that the best part for me about working in this role is the fact that he gets the opportunity to work with interesting people and that he has the ability to help people and get them to move on to a better life. Niall states that he would definitely recommend the apprenticeship route to everyone, as it gives an enormous amount of opportunity as well as lots of flexibility. In addition, Niall comments that it builds on your successes and it gives you placements allowing you to work in a range of different departments.