Northampton General Hospital’s Pathway to Excellence featured in Nursing Times

September 26, 2018

Using a positive practice environment framework to support recruitment

Support from those who supervise nurses is associated with more personalised patient care, higher professional commitment and lower intention to leave the profession (Jourdain and Chenevert, 2010). Excellent leadership is, therefore, crucial to high-quality care. Nurse leaders need to be able to advocate for frontline staff, and should also be both visible and available for them.

In 2017, NGH started the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Leadership programme for staff. We have also launched a Director of Nursing Junior Fellows programme. This enables selected nurses who aspire to senior leadership to be released from the clinical area one day a week and receive mentorship from organisational leaders to develop a project that benefits the organisation and fulfils the standards of Pathway to Excellence. The first two fellowship posts started in June 2018; their outcomes will be closely evaluated.

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