Pippa Gilbert – Services Manager – Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

July 26, 2017

“Making a difference for you, with you” at Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Pippa Gilbert relocated from Lincolnshire where she grew up, to Northamptonshire in January 2013 when her husband got a job in Northampton. She has worked for Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) since September 2014.

Pippa was working for Community Services as a school nurse for 10 years. When she first relocated she worked with public health in the county council but was made redundant. She then joined NHFT as an Operation Manager, and has progressed to Services Manager, managing the 0-19 team in one of the localities in the county.

One of the main attractions of NHFT is that it values staff. She says there is a genuine learning culture and the managers are open to engagement, and strive to do as much as possible for their staff.

Pippa says, “The NHFT motto is ‘making a difference for you, with you’ and it really feels like everyone is on board with it. Everyone wants to do the right thing in the right way in partnership with our service users, and there is an air of hopefulness.”

“There are lots of opportunities to train and develop, and there is a good leadership and management development programme, as well as access to external training days, when appropriate. The working life is also flexible and family friendly, and there is a good level of investment in individual employees.”

Pippa highlights that at NHFT people feel valued and have a voice. Personal and career goals are set and regularly reviewed, and there are great opportunities for development. She says there is good engagement between the staff, and people are encouraged to come up with ideas. NHFT has invested heavily in leadership development across the whole staff group.

Pippa says, “There are challenges and financial cuts across the NHS, but NHFT has prioritised protecting its frontline staff and services – and they are actively recruiting. Despite a period of austerity, there is a very happy atmosphere here and people want to deliver a great service to improve lives within the county. It is a great organisation to work for and is in a better position than many other trusts.”

As Northamptonshire is a small county it is easy to work in different places across the area. It takes Pippa 25 minutes to get to work, and she says living here is great because there are lots of country parks, good venues for families, and it’s really well networked to other UK cities by train and road.

She adds, “It’s a beautiful part of the country, with lovely small villages and countryside. It’s also a healthy place to live with lots of green spaces and places to walk the dog. I have two small children aged seven and nine and the schools are excellent which is important for us.”