Jayne Chambers – Capital programme operational delivery manager – Kettering General Hospital

July 05, 2017

Caring for the family, now caring for the community

Jayne Chambers moved to Northamptonshire 29 years ago from London when she was 21 years old. Initially she moved to be closer to her uncle, as her auntie had been diagnosed with MS and she wanted to help and support them.

Jayne originally worked for Dixons, and then become Head of Retail at M&S. In 2007, she decided to change careers and after having many interviews, Jayne got offered a career as a Healthcare Assistant at Kettering General Hospital.

Jayne says, “I had always wanted to work in healthcare since looking after my auntie with MS, as well as caring for my grandad and then late on my mum who had terminal cancer. When I could afford it, I decided to leave the corporate world and do what I had always wanted to do, which was to work in healthcare. I was attracted to this particular job as my mum had worked at Kettering General Hospital, and today I still work with people that worked with my mum.”

Jayne has always had supportive managers at the hospital that have helped her develop and have given her the opportunity to showcase and progress with her strength and skills. Jayne has worked in several areas during her time at the hospital.

She says one of the key benefits of working at Kettering are “you can become a large fish in a small pond if you have the aptitude to succeed”.

After taking time off with ill health in 2010, Jayne came back as a Band 3 discharge coordinator and is now a Band 7 manager.

Jayne says, “It is a very friendly hospital and people are welcomed as part of the team. I have never felt like an outsider. It’s a local hospital for the local community and everyone knows everyone. This hospital has been the best environment I have ever worked in. We even get personal thank you letters from the Chief Executive when you go the extra mile.”

As well as her main job, Jayne has been encouraged by her manager to develop initiatives to improve the hospital, and one of her current projects is to create a dementia garden at the hospital.

With no funds for it, she canvassed support from local councillors, MPs and businesses; Jayne achieved all of this in her spare time and so far, has more than half the money she needs to fulfil that ambition.

Jayne says, “It’s really nice to get involved in the community and to take on projects like this for the benefit of patients and the wider community. I’m also chair of a local community network along with local MPs and I’m working with them on how they redesign Kettering town centre – a commuter town with access to different areas.”

Jayne believes there are many career opportunities for doctors and nurses at Kettering General Hospital.

Jayne says, “We need innovators and people with different skills who can bring fresh ideas to help the hospital progress. This is a very welcoming trust for people with the right attitude. Many of the registrars have trained here and once qualified they have come back as consultants because they like the atmosphere.”

Jayne also highlights that from a lifestyle perspective the area offers cheaper housing than other parts of the country, plenty of green spaces and activities, as well as good schools and colleges.

Jayne says, “I will stay here for the rest of my life, it’s such a lovely town with great places to eat and a friendly, diverse and multicultural community that there is no reason to move anywhere else.

“I love my job and I am really passionate about the work we do in serving the local community. Every day I walk the floors my mum walked and I see colleagues she worked with, so the hospital is an extra special place to me.”