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Casey Brown

Healthcare Assistant - Mental Health

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Casey is 20 years old and is currently completing a Children and Adolescent Mental Health (CAMMS) apprenticeship at NHFT. For Casey, it is a role that she has always been interested in, and the opportunity arose when she began looking at NHFT’s website in search of the roles that they could offer her, it was the perfect way to fulfil her ambition. The total length of the apprenticeship is two years and Casey has just submitted her final piece of work last week and is now waiting for her end point assessment.

During her Apprenticeship, Casey had a study day off every two weeks with her tutor who is based at Newland House – all of the other Apprentices on the course meet there to continue their studies, it enables them to have access to their tutors and receive any help that is required.

Casey really enjoys the work environment, and in particular, when a patient arrives who is not feeling well, she loves working with them up to the point of them being discharged and seeing the fantastic improvement realising that she has made a massive difference to someone’s life.

The support Casey has received from the people around her is great, they have always shown interest in what she is trying to achieve, and commented she had ‘a brilliant mentor on her ward’. In addition, guidance was always on offer with nurses providing support and help whenever required.

Casey’s believes that an apprenticeship course is best suited for someone who prefers more hands-on experience rather than class room-based work. As a result of her course, Casey was able to come across a range of healthcare experts. Furthermore, Casey felt that the apprenticeship course was of huge benefit and the assignments were easy to deal with due to the real-life experiences that she could relate to.

In addition, Casey has found that she finds it easier to communicate with other people as a result of the course, meaning that she feels less nervous and far more confident. This is mainly due to the fact that she is working alongside nurses who engage with patients and their families, consequently helping Casey to deal with any challenges that may arise.

Casey has been nominated for an award by her manager on the ward and her mentor! The nomination was a complete surprise to Casey and it made her really proud of her achievements. What does the future look like for Casey? She would like to study Occupational Therapy sometime in the future, once again by doing an apprenticeship.

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