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Karen Burrows

Service Manager Adult Social Care

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Karen is currently a service manager at Northamptonshire Adult Social Care. In her current role Karen manages four teams, and makes funding decisions regarding care for people, Human Resources and many other things, such as developing better services within the community.  She was offered a promotion in April and prior to that she was involved with the day to day running of one team.

Karen’s family were involved in nursing including her mother and her grandfather. She started her career as a general nurse, and although she fought against following them into nursing, she realised that she wanted to do something practical and to help people. The money was not important; Karen just wanted to make a difference.

The apprenticeship role she is on will help her with her work progression and the alternative of going to college in the traditional way, was not feasible as she needed to continue working, but realised that she required some academic knowledge as well as more experience. Karen’s line manager at that time mentioned the apprenticeship scheme and it seemed the ideal way to combine all of these things together.

One of the best things about the scheme is that Karen has met so many people and her network has increased because she has had to go and source information as part of the scheme and speak with people that she probably would not have had contact with before. But the flexibility to work and learn at the same time is fantastic. Her manager has been brilliantly supportive and if she has had to source something from other departments, they have been absolutely amazing and very supportive.

Karen’s main goal once her apprenticeship has finished is to keep progressing forward and to maybe look at other roles within the organisation and to keep learning new and different ways of working. There are big changes going on and Karen wants to play a part in making a difference to people and places, which the apprenticeship has helped her to achieve that.

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