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Natalie Billing

Wellbeing coordinator

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For an educational background, Natalie attended university and gained an undergraduate degree in Psychology Wellbeing, as well as a Masters in Psychological Wellbeing. On leaving university she joined Northamptonshire County Council as a Wellbeing Advisor in August 2017. Following on, Natalie was promoted in March 2019 to the role of Wellbeing Coordinator and is now responsible for five people.

The role of Wellbeing Coordinator at Northamptonshire County Council change, and Natalie was offered the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship. The Apprentice programme was to become a Lead Adult Care Worker, it began in September 2018 and finished in December 2019.

Natalie states that the apprenticeship route is a fantastic way to achieve a hands-on approach to achieve a variety of skills with the additional benefit of getting 20% off for study. Natalie found that being an apprentice was a great option as you learn on the job whilst getting paid.

Having finished her Apprenticeship, Natalie has been offered to complete further training in managerial work and has started a new Apprenticeship to be an Operational Department Manager. This course is over two and a half years and when she is qualified, she will reach the role of a Chartered Manager.

Natalie was nominated for an award by her mentor who saw her transition from the role of advisor to her new role of manager and recognised how she had grown and developed into the role. Natalie’s mentor felt she supported her own apprentices extremely well and that Natalie promoted the apprenticeships route throughout her service. Natalie is extremely proud of the area that she works in and stated that she would recommend the scheme to anyone interested in the career path that she is now on.

Natalie believes when you go to University you learn the facts, but when you become an Apprentice you are hands-on every day, learning compassion and empathy, dealing with individuals that are vulnerable and need support – it is very a rewarding career choice.

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