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Pietro Fraterrigo

Pre-registered Pharmacy technician

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Pietro Fraterrigo is a 52-year-old Apprentice who started working as a Band 2 Support Worker at the KGH Pharmacy three years ago. The opportunity of undertaking an apprenticeship course arose and Pietro started the 2-year Apprenticeship role in May 2019.

Pietro is completing a 2-year Apprenticeship Level 3 Diploma which permits him seven and a half hours a week to study (20% of work time), whilst the rest of the role is on the ground experience and job training.

The Apprenticeship programme has a total of 38 modules mainly consisting of factual knowledge. Pietro finds the study relatively easy, as Pharmacy was a new thing to him; he has been learning all the time covering many subjects, but it is a natural progression.

Pietro finds the work very interesting and has enjoyed learning about Pharmacy ever since he started the role when he did his previous Level 2 qualification in Pharmacy Science and Services, so this was a natural progression for him to do level 3 and become an Apprentice. You have to have a level 2 as a minimum when you work in a Pharmacy.

Before this role, Pietro had undertaking many varying jobs in a range of professions, including working for himself, working for the British Heart Foundation and also in retail sales.

On a day to day basis 60% of Pietro’s time is ward based, he assists the Pharmacist at ward level, gathering information, identifying new patients, identifying what their regular medication is, talking to patients, contacting doctors surgeries, checking patients own medication, find out what medication they have at home, so they can get the correction medication history for each patient on the ward, finding out what allergies they have etc. In addition, Pietro checks drug lockers to check on stock and identifying patients that are being discharge and ensuring they have the medication required. The ward that Pietro works on is an acute medical ward on the Rockingham Wing.

The remaining 40% of Pietro’s time is spent in the Hospital Pharmacy, dispensing medicines, working on reception and covering every areas of the dispensary. Pietro loves his role as he enjoys the sense that he is helping people and gets huge satisfaction out of helping elderly patients.

Pietro finds that the Apprenticeship programmes are great as you train and work to get the qualification that you want and then you can progress into that role, whereas in University you often study one subject and then do not get to work in that subject. Pietro thinks Apprentice programmes are ideal as you get the qualification to advance to get the job you have been trained for.


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