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Rosie Lever

Trainee Healthcare Assistant

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Rosie is 21 years old and began her year-long Trainee Healthcare Assistant apprenticeship in September 2019. Rosie entered the apprenticeship programme as she was not really interested in academic studies but was far more interested in achieving a qualification through an Apprenticeship Programme. Rosie always wanted to help people and due to her caring nature, this was a great opportunity to further her lifelong ambition to get a great qualification.

Rosie always wanted to work in an environment that looked after and cared for people, regardless of the tasks required; she always has a smile on her face and carries out her duty on all types of wards throughout KGH. Her role is to take care of patients, feeding them, cleaning them, helping them and generally looking after them.

The skills that Rosie has gained since taking the course is the confidence with communicating with people, she was a little bit nervous especially when it came to some of the patients in their beds, she was concerned that she was not doing things to the correct standards, now she has gained so much more confidence in herself and things are beginning to be more natural to her.

Rosie finds that the support she receives is brilliant, her manager is always there if there is a problem on the ward, or if they feel unsure about anything, she is always available to help overcome any problems. If her direct manager is unavailable there are always two other people who are there to help sort out the problems.

Rosie’s working week consists of three days in week 1 and two long days and one study day in week 2 and this just rotates fortnightly. A typical study day for Rosie involves college work, but she has also completed her care certificate in the first twelve weeks.

Rosie states that she would highly recommend an Apprenticeship Programme to anyone and says that it’s a wonderful way to get into the working environment of a hospital, where you gain the skills to work correctly and professionally and it helps you achieve what you want but in a nice, controlled way. Her career progression may follow on for her to become a paramedic or a midwife. Rosie has plenty to offer and will in the future sit down and decide where her next career path lies within the healthcare sector. In the meantime, Rosie loves being a healthcare assistant and looks forward to completing her Apprenticeship.

When Rosie was informed that she had won the Team Working Award, she was shocked and not sure if it was real or not, especially after only beginning the apprenticeship three months earlier. The award has given her a real boost to see her efforts being recognised and rewarded!

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