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Sarah Pratt

County Nurse

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Sarah is 41 years old and currently works at NHFT as a Healthcare Assistant on the Nursing Apprenticeship Pathway. This is a new apprenticeship that she began two years ago, and it will lead her to have a Nursing Degree. Sarah worked as a healthcare Assistant for nearly five years in the Trust and began her degree in District Nursing, unfortunately the original funding for the degree was cancelled, but thankfully the Trust set up an Apprenticeship scheme so Sarah was able to carry on with her degree and also received payment while continuing her studies. When her studies are complete Sarah will have the title of Adult Staff Nurse, achieving and fulfilling her lifelong ambition.

Sarah was a graphic designer for 12 years and with the changing face of technology she became disillusioned with design and as Sarah had always wanted to be a nurse, she decided that this was a great opportunity to change her career path, she became a volunteer at a local hospital as a carer and really enjoyed the role.

In her current daily role, duties can include insulin administration insulin, variety of wound dressings such as pressure wounds and compression bandaging for leg ulcerations, blood tests and catheter and various other duties. Northampton teams are divided into four and on an average day Sarah deals with 10-16 patients. Sarah’s work as an Apprentice Nurse means she spends two days on placement, 2 days in district nursing with her own caseload and one day a week for study, she does all her assignments and modules in her spare time so it’s very full on but Sarah would not change anything, but she will be very pleased when the course finally comes to completion

Sarah’s work is varied and she enjoys the fact that she gets to visit patients at home where they are more relaxed and she is committed in her efforts to try to keep patients in their home environment for as long as possible.

Sarah was nominated for this award by Senior Nurse Helen Stobart, when she read the email informing her about the nomination, she could not believe her eyes and had to read the email three to four times. She is so proud to have been nominated, it has reinforced her belief that she made the correct decision to change her career and to work in healthcare.

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